Tilapia is a wonder food! 112g (4 ounces) of it contain 21g protein, 1g fat (most of which is polyunsaturated), selenium, magnesium, vitamin D, taurine, omega-3 acids, and it has benefits ranging from being good for the heart, the brains, the joints, and of course – muscles!! Additionally, it has low mercury, and it is inexpensive – I paid around $2.50 for 4 ounces 🙂 And ok, I’m not done yet – to top it all off – it is also delicious, even when cooked with the teensiest bit of olive oil, salt and pepper!




Who else has heard of these Austro-Bavarian pancakes? A friend of mine taught me an interesting fitness twist of it – so I make them with oatmeal, eggs, and some sweetener – ideally I should use egg-whites and a sugarless sweetener like Spenda or something, but I use whole eggs and jam (peach or something like that). I whip everything with a spoon in a large bowl until I see froth, then I cook it evenly in a pan with some olive oil. They are healthy, wholesome, and delicious. I get a good conscience after eating them as a second breakfast or something 😉

Here are some images – the batter, and then the batter starting to cook –
Schmarrn batterSchmarrn cooking