On Code Aesthetics: My Favorite Coding Fonts

So there you go. Right when I thought I ‘had it all’ as far as monospaced, coding fonts were concerned, and was settled with my 5 favorite coding fonts – Consolas (from Microsoft), Monaco (the ‘Mac font’), Droid Sans Mono (from Google), DejaVu Sans Mono and Monofur (all these show up in some other top-10-programming-font lists on the Web), along came Adobe today with a brand new monospace coding font, called Source Code Pro. And, I am sold 🙂 Beautiful font. Kudos to Paul Hunt for this work.

Attaching a bunch of screenshots, one for each of them. Pick your own favorite! The editor is MacVim, with the colorscheme summerfruit256, and font size 13.


5 thoughts on “On Code Aesthetics: My Favorite Coding Fonts

  1. Isn’t that 6 times the same image? 😉
    Just kidding, they are remarkably different. For some reason, I don’t like Monaco and Monofur, while for the others I am rather undecided.

    • Lol 🙂
      Well, Source Code Pro is the only monospace/ coding font I know of that lets you go extra light, light, black, semibold and bold in the editor. It’s nice.

  2. You should a proportional font. It takes a bit to adjust but you won’t regret it. It’s easier to read the code, it takes up less space, and the fonts are far prettier than the monospaced ones.

    • That sounds like a great suggestion. Unfortunately however I do most of my coding in Vim (on the terminal or MacVim) and both of them do not show non-monospace fonts properly. I don’t know why.

      • I’ve seen that in Vim, in just renders the proportional fonts in fixed width cells. I tend to use Kate as an editor (it has a VI mode if you really want it 😉

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