Laptops getting hotter… time to cool them down

As this article clearly suggests, the laptops these days have so much processing power that they are no longer “lap-tops” anymore. The heat has to go somewhere, and it tends to move towards the cooler area, according to a certain law of Thermodynamics, to the user’s lap. Wow. I used to think the problem was only with my laptop. But it looks like the problem is more widespread than I initially suspected. So now these two researchers from the University of Virginia take an aim at this problem and toward laying the scientific groundwork that will facilitate more and more research in this area.

Folks, don’t forget the problem of dwindling battery lives, especially if the laptop happens to have a nice graphics card and Windows Vista. It’s not that the research has “still a long way to go” when it comes to keeping laptops cool and extending batteries lives, it’s just that the research in these areas has to keep up with the corresponding research in the chip speeds… come on, folks. You got work to do!