Areas of Technology that I Find Interesting

New areas of technology emerge all the time, and they change the educational and workforce-related landscape along with them. Here’s a compilation of some technologies I’ve been hearing about that speak to me and that I’d love to be able to contribute more toward.
1. Inexpensive space travel- something along the lines of SpaceX’s mission, so that we can become an interplanetary civilization, enabling our posterity to better handle unforeseen calamities and issues that might arise on Earth in the future owing to population growth, fossil fuels running out, etc.
2. Doing big data analysis and data science on data from the environment, and being able to use that analysis for the betterment of the environment.
3. Controlling robots or avatars through our brains, in order to be able to navigate areas impossible for humans to tread, such as radiation heavy areas or deep space. Dr Michio Kaku’s book The Future of the Mind provides an excellent explanation for this use case.
4. Alzheimer’s research. In the book mentioned above there’s a lot of discussion about active research happening toward controlling the growth/ decay of the human brain and what we can do about it.
5. Doing big data analysis and data science on data from the fields of astronomy and cosmology, and being able to use that to explore new territories or provide answers to long-standing open questions in astronomy and cosmology.

What’s next?