Technical Diversification vs Focus

I believe that there has to be a delicate balance between diversifying in the types of technologies one is familiar with and the types that one really goes deep into (the so-called T-shaped career).

Technology is growing at an exponential rate, but you cannot work all the time. You want to have time for family, friends, life and living, and for having some fun. At the same time, as the demands at work change, we have to be able to learn and adapt to new technologies and sometimes entire new technology stacks and ways of thinking. Learning new things also expands our horizons and introduces us to new ways of thinking that we didn’t think possible before.

I propose learning very selective technologies across very varied technologies. Let me explain. I propose learning a single example from many different kinds of technologies. For instance, when it comes to text/ coding editors, there are many out there. Instead of mastering the Vim + Tmux + Zsh stack along with mastering EMacs (both those stacks will get you at the same place), take a pick, and that then becomes your old school programmers’ editor that you can use in any lean, remote environment uniformly to mercilessly manipulate plain text fast. After you’ve done that, move on to an advanced IDE, such as Jetbrains CLion or IntelliJ.

Likewise, learn one todo app really well – be it Omnifocus, Wunderlist, Things, or whatever, but don’t bother learning all of them well. Learn one object oriented programming language, one mid-level language, one concurrent language, one functional language, etc. really well, but don’t read 5 books each on both Java and C#.

There are areas where you should diversify (different programming paradigms), and there are areas where you should accumulate your several thousand hours (text editor) so that you can burn those keyboard shortcuts in your fingers and make those muscle memories. Time and energy are limited resources after all, and as our lives become busier and busier, this kind of prioritization remains the only option, so that we can keep learning the right kinds of new things and keep sailing forward smoothly.

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