What I Learned in 2015

A bit too late for this kind of post, but I wanted to put it out there anyway. 2015 was once again a great year full of reading, learning, and discovery. Here I summarize all that a little bit. I read 50 books in 2015, which is a personal record. Here’s a list: Books read in 2015. Looking at this list, the lesson learned is to read more technical books (computer science/ programming) in 2016. I watched a large number of technical videos online again – upwards of 50 – with many new Lynda and TUTS+ videos. I got certified in 5 Coursera courses, which is also an improvement over the previous years. In 2015 I did not dedicate sufficient time to open source/ personal side project coding, as reflected on my GitHub account. In 2016 the plan is to correct that and increase the number of contributions throughout the year. Although I did manage to reach out in the community a little bit, visiting Data Day Texas (thanks to work). I met some famous developers and thinkers from the community there, which was fantastic. As far as new technology is concerned I started learning Java 8, which holds a lot of promise for the future. I bought and got into some new gizmos, like always. I even began dabbling into Arduino and IoT, despite initial misgivings. On the personal fitness side, in 2015 I started lifting old-school, with lots of deadlifts, push-presses, clean and presses, bench presses, and squats. I also got started with some recovery techniques like foam rolling and deep tissue massages. It’s been a great thing so far and I plan to continue that this year, hitting more and more personal records. I also got to travel a lot in 2015, exploring a little bit more everywhere. Hoping for more substantial improvements in 2016.


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