First Python patch accepted

I blogged about starting open source contributions to Python and how my first patches were the most basic child’s play non-imaginative patches ever possible but yet how it was a new beginning (see the post here).

Finally after quite a bit of waiting I got notifications today that one of the patches has been accepted and committed to the core in Python 2.7, 3.2, 3.3 as well as 3.4 – this is fantastic news, and I am all the more motivated to keep going and to make more patches.

You can see the bug report, the discussions, and the applied fix/ patches here, and in particular look at some of the differences and most importantly my name at the bottom of the page here (I am also attaching a screenshot just because). Now if you ever download the Python source, and look under Misc/ACKS, you can find my name for eternity.


Extremely happy about this development 🙂


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