The awesomeness of tmux

I first came across tmux some time ago while reading something random somewhere, but somehow it didn’t really register and I didn’t have any incentive to try it out. However, then I came across this post, which talks about how, along with vim and zsh, tmux can make you much more productive and let you have more fun! Curious, I looked around and found this video, and was already totally sold on the idea. I purchased the book from the author who is also the creator of the aforementioned video, and now there is no turning back.

I, as I am sure a lot of other people would be, was a teensy bit skeptical, because there are technologies like iTerm2 and screen. Now I can tell you that tmux is better than screen because it’s newer and in active development; and it’s better than iTerm2 because it’s not just about multiple tabs and panes, but rather about the ability to:

[1] attach and detach multiple sessions at will and have stuff running in the background out of the way

[2] customize the panes and windows a bit better, with colors and also with the kind of information that is displayed

[3] move around quickly between windows and panes, effortlessly, without moving your fingers away from the home row on the keyboard

[4] create custom environments with scripts – as the book states [and I paraphrase with my own words and description]: imagine being able to come to your workstation, ready to tackle that new feature, and have your shell, your text editor, your database console, your test runner console, your server etc etc all fired up and ready with a single command – arranged in windows and panes the way you like it – without having to go through the pain of setting everything up every time you want to revisit an older project or to work on a new feature on a project you put aside for a while.

With tmux, it is no longer fiction.

I highly recommend watching the video I have linked. I have set up my tmux configuration file following the instructions from the book, but I am pretty sure I’ll be revisiting the config file to add things as I learn more =0)



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