Bookmark-plugin for Adobe Reader

Ever tried reading a long e-book in Adobe Reader, say one that is more than a 100 pages long? Ever wanted to take a break in between? [Duh!] Ever wished there was a way you could store the current page as a bookmark in Reader itself and not have to write it down somewhere else? Funny Adobe Reader doesn’t have this basic functionality.

Now, using the Javascript file offered at this site, you can do it! On Windows 7, I had to store it under Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\Javascripts

Now when you open your Reader, go to the page you would like to bookmark, select Tools – Bookmark – Bookmark this page. Then you can happily close the program. Next day when you get the urge to read further, open the file in Reader, go to Tools – Bookmark – Go to bookmark, and voilá – you’re there!


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