Natural fat-burners

So, while reading an article here, I came across a recent study that talks about natural fat-burners. In general I’ve always been convinced that certain people who seem to be lean no matter what they do, in general also have certain “habits” that they tend to follow unconsciously, and this article proves it. The study states that the following, if included in our everyday routines, will help us burn fat all the time without our even thinking about it:
[1] Caffeine – coffee with cinnamon, in particular, before training
[2] Vitamin C – eat a lemon before going to bed. Vitamin C generates a hormone that burns fat
[3] Grapefruit, papaya, apples, artichokes – any fruit or vegetable with calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium
[4] Spices
[5] Green tea
These foodstuffs therefore have substances that increase our metabolism which helps in burning fat!

2 thoughts on “Natural fat-burners

    • Haha I would squeeze the lemon into a bit of water… you probably don’t want to drink too much water before going to bed either.

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