Too much work at your tech job? Here’s a new credo for you…

So, yet another list of how we computer folks can improve our lives… let’s tackle the points one by one. Telecommuting… as much as I like the idea of showing your boss your face as often as possible, this point actually makes sense. Save gas, save time, save money on eating out (you can cook while your big program is running at home), and just report to your boss your progress and meet with her once/twice a weak. Not a bad deal, now that I think about it. Ok. So far so good. Making regular local and remote updates. Good idea. Using keyboard shortcuts as much as you can instead of always reaching for the mouse. Good idea. Ergonomic, and stylish as if you were Tony Stark working with Jarvis on your Ironman suit 😉 (Ok, maybe you’re not moving 3D images with your hands, but it does look like you’re a computer genius from a Hollywood movie rather than an average user if you use the keyboard rather than the mouse.) Keeping track of your calories for free? Who doesn’t want that? About managing email – I personally like to manage mine in a slightly different way, but I think that’s subjective.

Hmm, I think this much analysis is enough and proves that the article is readable. Now to actually follow through with it, that’s a completely different story…


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