Secure your computer by using these easy steps

Ok, I found yet another article about protecting your computer against spyware, malware, viruses, trojans, and their brethren. But the good thing about this article is that a lot of the steps are really easy to follow, and include using a Website that will check all your email attachments for you. This service allegedly checks any file you upload to it with 10 different anti-malware engines, including those from Symantec, McAfee and the like. Based on what each of these engines thought about the file, you can decide whether you want to download that file or not. It also has a nice little uploader program that you can install on your computer to facilitate a simple right-click to send the files to the Website. The article further talks about a behavior-based method for malware identification, and a stunning revelation that apparently a cracker recently stole a webmail login information and emailed the friends of the victim asking them for money!! Now you certainly don’t want happening to you and your friends, do you? Lesson learned – use strong passwords – the types that only you can remember – and change them often. Crooks are out there to get you – don’t be under any false sense of security. The battle against crackers is raging and it always will.


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