Python is a beautiful language

I just dove into Python (literally, with DiveIntoPython), just because I wanted to learn a programming paradigm different from the ones I am most familiar with, and I really am beginning to like it. I am just starting, but so far I am a big fan of the facts that everything in Python is an object, and that everything can be called with an argument. The simplicity of the program structure, the existence of doc strings for all functions, the use of indentation as code blocks thereby removing clutter and imposing uniformity and readability (so all the Python code in the world has the same format and is therefore very readable), and the existence of a command line interpreter, which could even be used as a calculator, only helps in increasing Python’s usability and attractiveness. Furthermore, creating, appending to, expanding and modifying lists and hashes is a jiffy, and last but not least, a negative index to a list returns elements counting from the end of the list – which is something I’ve never seen so far in any other language. Hm, very interesting.

Yeah, I am apparently a big Python fan in the chrysalis – only time will tell.


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